15 December 2016
- FARA Shops

Perks of Charity Shop Work

Unless you’re a street fundraiser working on commission, it’s common that charity worker’s on the high street are working voluntarily to gain experience or to give something back. In fact, most charity shop workers are achieving both of these things and getting paid at the same time, usually for the same hourly rate as shop assistants at the likes of H&M and Zara.

That’s right, the same pay and without the stress of working for a cooperation where young workers often feel like a cog in a machine of what is purely a bureaucratic profit making scheme. The pressure of working for a retail giant with daily, weekly and quarterly targets is not left to bare weight on your shoulders in the charity sector; you simply have to be kind and helpful to customers and the sales will take care of themselves.

The flexible nature of charity shop work makes it a great part time job for young people and students looking to earn an extra few quid. There has been a lot of bad press of late about 0 hour contracts but for the youngster among us, the flexibility of ‘no strings attached’ contracts is far more preferable. Whether you are studying for a degree, or working on your new start-up business, you have free reign to decide your hours depending on your work load.

Another added benefit lies within the shop itself. You have first dibs on all the donations that come through the door and for a discounted price! You’ll spend a fraction of what you usually would on clothes, accessories and household items; perfect for uni students and young people looking to fill their wardrobes and homes on a tight budget. Get the same feeling of excitement with your new purchases whilst fulfilling your consumerist needs guilt free.

All of this aside, charity work also gives you the self-fulfillment of working to raise funds and a awareness for a great cause which in itself can be enough motivation to push you through the working day. At FARA, we have many paid and voluntary vacancies that you can read about on our jobs page: www.faracharityshops.org/faraOpportunities.php

We are always looking for new recruits to join the FARA team!

Blog written by - Charlie Munro - FARA Marketing Team

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