20 January 2017
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Good N10 - tions

Every Londoner has a preference when it comes to which part of the river they would rather live in. Culturally the north-south divide has always been quite strong and more recently the east and west are also juxtaposing not just geographically but for lifestyle and demographics. When it comes to green spaces, the South has 34% parks vs a less green north (29%). Domestic gardens also count for 26% in the south vs 20% in the north. This is probably why older people, couple and families seem to prefer the south. And this is reflected by the fact that north London has 21% of people aged 18-30, the south 18%. Specifically, many people decide to set up family in the leafy south west, due to accessibility to schools, wider green areas and lower crime rates.

This is the area where FARA Head Office is located and many of its 46 shops are to be found. Powered by the community spirit and the “villagey feel”, FARA shops thrive due to the local donations and the distinctive atmosphere that is found in these areas. They’re found from Addlestone to Whitton and anywhere in between. FARA relies heavily on the locals for the supply of goods to be sold and it’s very much a great way to recycle within the community - instead of throwing away good items, whilst donating to a good cause. These values are becoming more and more entrenched with the residents of the areas where our shops are located.

This community feeling is very much present in some parts of North London. FARA has four shops there, the successful Islington, Belsize Park and Primrose Hill which have all proved to be a hit in recent years. The latest addition to the family is Muswell Hill.

Muswell Hill was named after the 12th century discovery of a local stream. The ‘Mossy Well’ was believed to have miraculous, healing properties. Brothers Ray and Dave Davies of iconic London band The Kinks were born in Muswell Hill and the lyrics of Village Green Preservation Society reference the comforts of their neighbourhood. It still has a safe village atmosphere and plenty of open space making it somewhat akin to the south west “vibe”. This is another reason why FARA chose to open a shop there in April 2016, along with wanting to create a stronger presence in North London.

It is located opposite the wonderful Everyman Cinema, surrounded by the lovely cafes of the broadway and has a great selection of men and women clothes as well as a selection of retro 80s and 90s items. The new retro section should particularly appeal to the fashion conscious inhabitants of north London.

The opening hours are 10-6 pm. Make sure you pay a visit!

Blog written by - Silvia - FARA Marketing Team

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