10 February 2017
- Amazing Donations

A heart warming yarn

As with every donation that we graciously receive, there is a story behind each and every garment. Often we wonder when that beautiful embroidered dress was worn last and for what occasion.

Some of our items could have had a short history; an outfit worn just for a party, a half read book that you never got round to finishing or even a pair of shoes that, after one torturous afternoon of hobbling around in, you decided they weren't for you!

However, there are a lot of donations that we receive that are steeped in history. A beloved bag that toured the world with its owner, a dress sewn by and worn by a late grandparent and passed on through generations, your lucky suit that has sealed the deal on more occasions than you can remember. Sometimes we just get unwanted gifts or items that bring back a sad memory (typically post break-up gifts from the ex).

We love listening to stories from donors who tell us the history of the garments they are kindly donating, yet on most occasions we are just left with a bag of donations outside the shop door when we arrive in the morning.

Recently one inquisitive customer at FARA Notting Hill decided to act upon this curiosity and resolved to discover the history of a jumper he bought from the store. The green patterned jumper was clearly old, made of quality Shetland wool and still had plenty of wear left.

Amazingly, after a bit of googling and a couple of emails, he managed to track down Magsie, the lady who knitted the jumper over 30 years ago. Thanks to this research, the story has now appeared on the jumper manufacturer website, which is still operating.

You can read the article at


We would like to thank the customer for bringing this to our attention. If you have a story regarding an item you bought from one of our stores, we would love to hear it!

Blog written by - Victoria Thomas-Wood, Shop Manager at FARA Notting Hill

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