01 March 2015
- FARA Shops

The FARA Workshop

Sadly, The FARA Workshop closed at the end of February 2015 just fourteen months after opening. This pioneering project was a bold departure from FARA’s core model of charity retailing that has proved successful since the early 1990’s. The FARA Workshop took donated garments and fabrics that otherwise would be ragged and reworked them into a contemporary collection designed, made and sold in store. Meeting the makers at the Workshop in Islington, meant customers built a unique connection with the story of their clothing whilst supporting a charitable cause.

Within one year of trading the combined creative force of the Workshop team under FARA's guidance crafted and established an outstanding brand taking steps to reduce, reuse and recycle the excesses of our throw-away society whilst embracing the social responsibility to make a difference to the lives of others. Unfortunately, brand success was not matched by economic success and with maximum charitable contribution paramount to FARA's business; the decision was taken to cease operations.

Thank you to everyone who supported this courageous concept. The FARA Workshop demonstrated FARA's forward thinking, its commitment to do things better in the future by tackling the issue of diminished resources head on and by making the most of your donations at every opportunity. Fabric and haberdashery donated to FARA will continue to be put to good use through collaborations with commercial companies as well as local social enterprises.

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