15 June 2015
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Is your wardrobe still able to close or are you holding onto too much? Go on admit it; most of us are guilty! With fast fashion trends shifting weekly, the traditional fashion seasons of autumn/winter and spring/summer are no more. It’s hard to resist picking up something when high-street stores regularly receive in deliveries of new styles weekly. Old clothes get shifted to the back of the wardrobe right next to the clothes we still love but no longer fit into. Yes, most of us have them!

According to WRAP* the contents of the average household wardrobe are worth £4000 and typically 30% of that clothing has been unused for one year, most commonly because it no longer fits.

An article from the Daily Mail* states that the average woman has about 22 garments in her wardrobe that she will never wear but refuses to get rid of! Across the country, in total women spend more than £1.6million on more than 500 million items of clothing they will never wear. If they were to be placed on a rail, the estimated amount of unworn clothing would stretch 15,534 miles.

This is why FARA Shops encourage you to ‘re-dress the balance of your wardrobe’. Donate those old frocks to your local shop; let go of the ones you love but no longer fit into and create space in your wardrobe for that dress you’ve had your eye on in FARA’s window. Re-dressing the balance of your wardrobe enables you to buy out of fast fashion and into sustainability.

Charity shops play a significant role in making fashion sustainable by extending the life span of clothing already in existence and thereby reducing the demand for the manufacture of new clothes. By choosing #secondhandfirst you not only are supporting FARA’s vital work in Romania you are also joining #FashRev.

* ‘Valuing our clothes: the evidence base, ‘ WRAP, 2012
* www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1350447/Women-waste-1-6bn-clothes-Guilt-prevents-wardrobe-clear-out.html

Blog written by - FARA Marketing Team

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