31 July 2015
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Poppy Chanelle also known as ‘Misseverydayelegance’ is a fashion, personal style, and lifestyle blogger from London. She is no stranger to FARA shops. We love Poppy’s look and sweet charity style and wanted to know more…

1. How did you become Misseverydayelegance?

“When deciding on a name for my blog, I knew I wanted it to include the word "elegance" somewhere within the title and as the blog was going to be covering everyday things, Everyday Elegance fitted the bill, but to make it feel a touch more personal I added "Miss" at the start, and so Misseverydayelegance was created!”

2. How would you describe your own style?

“I don't think I have a particular style, as I tend to flit between different looks, depending on what mood I'm in, or where I'm going. When it comes to the latest fashion trends, I tend to pick out pieces that will work for my shape/ height, rather than following it from head to toe.”

3. You have a substantial amount of followers, congrats on that! How did you manage this? How do you promote your blog?

“I started my blog and twitter account of the same name, just over two years ago, and joined Instagram, April of last year. I have found twitter & Instagram a great way to promote my blog, and find like-minded people, who share an interest in make-up, photography and fashion.”

4. We see you like to shop in charity shops; why is this?

“Like me, a lot of my followers love a good charity shop bargain, so I'm always showcasing my latest finds, and putting outfits together that I found at charity shops. It all began when I needed to gain retail experience after I left college, I started at my local charity shop where I was astonished by the donations people handed in, so began visiting other charity shops around London to see what else I could find, which I now call a ‘charity shop crawl’.”

5. Which was the first FARA Charity Shop you visited?

“The first FARA I visited was the Kensington shop in Gloucester road, where I found a cute wine coloured play suit for £6. The staff where really friendly, and I liked how the clothes were sorted into coloured sections, which meant you could head straight for the rails containing your favourite colours.”

6. How long have you been shopping in FARA? What’s your favourite FARA Shop Floor Share?

“I've been visiting FARA shops for a few years now, and always enjoy checking out new ones I haven't been to before. Over the years I have found some great items, but my favourite FARA purchase so far, is a pair of floral flares I found at the North End Road shop for £5.50. The whole outfit cost me only £12!” *

7. You were a model in our ‘Today I Am Wearing’ Competition. How did this come about?

“I try to go on a charity shop crawl at least once a week, as people donate items every day, so there is always something new to find. I have my favourite shops I regularly visit, one of which is the FARA shop in Battersea, where on one occasion I was asked by the manager at the time if I would take part in the "today I'm sharing competition", which involved being photographed in an outfit styled by the shop team. The look was uploaded to the FARA Facebook page along with entries from all the other FARA shops, so people could then vote on their favourite look.”

8. Heels or flats Poppy?

“As a petite girl, it must be heels!”

9. Who takes your photos?

“I studied photography, which really helps when you have a blog, you learn pretty quick that a tripod is a must! But when a tripod just won’t do my mum is the person I turn to, to take pictures of myself.”

10. Your absolute wardrobe essential?

“I would have to say my wardrobe essential has to be a good pair of skinny jeans and a white tee, casual but stylish!”

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