21 August 2015
- Fundraising


From the beginning of July our shop teams have been baking, making, raffling and face painting their way throughout the summer fundraising for FARA ‘Raise The Roof’ Appeal. They have rattled donation tins and thanks to their hard work and the generosity of our customers our fundraising total has reached £6427.82. We have more events planned and have raised almost half of our Appeal target, much to the delight of Jane Nicholson (FARA’s Chair of Trustees) and the FARA Charity Office.

There is no doubt that life is hard of the families for the village of Bahna Arini – the beneficiaries of FARA's 2015 Appeal. They live in extreme poverty and they do the best they can to survive their harsh reality. All of the 62 children in the village are in FARA’s ‘tackling poverty through education’ programme with all of then receiving a hot daily meal and extra tuition. Only 7 children out of that 62 have a proper dedicated space at home for their needs. Through FARA’s help, they now have a chance to thrive in adequate living accommodation and with continued family support, greater access to medical services and a community growing in morale through positive and proactive change made possible through funds raised in FARA’s 2015 Appeal.

FARA UK receives detailed reports of the large scale building renovation project in the village of Bahna Arini which the FARA’s Appeal is funding. We can see exactly where all of the money raised is being spent - on bags of cement, lime, wire mesh, breeze blocks and wood to help repair the homes of 13 families most in need in the village. The families members are all doing the renovation work themselves using traditional building methods to rebuild and render walls, relay floors and install traditional fireplaces/ovens – not to mention a lick of paint!

Here are the stories of just four of the families from Bahna Arini

FARA’s 2015 Appeal has provided the Munteanu family with breeze blocks, wire mesh, concrete, screed to renovate their home. The eldest girl (pictured bottom left) must carry water 200m from the village well in order to mix the mortar required. Mr Munteanu is seriously ill, despite this he still works hard planting trees to earn enough to feed his family and pay for expensive medical treatment. On his return from the mountains with help from his wife and children he has started to fix up the family home. FARA will provide further materials to finish the renovations and support for this struggling family.

FARA’s 2015 Appeal has provided the Badalache family 20 bags of cement, wire mesh and 5 bags of lime so they can render the outside of their home before extremely cold Romanian winter begins. Mr and Mrs Badalache are elderly parents, their oldest son is disabled and they have four other children under 12 years old. Their only income comes from the children’s allowances. Mr Badalache has hearing problems and can’t find work and he sometimes has to beg to provide for his family. Mrs Badalache (pictured bottom, second left) and her brother have done the renovation work, mixing traditional building materials by hand using straw, earth and cement.

FARA’s 2015 Appeal has provided the Anghel family cement and OSB wood board to reconstruct their asbestos ridden entrance hall - the local council will help with a new roof. All nine family members live in one room at present. Mr Anghel and his two eldest sons have been away working in a local vineyard for many weeks this summer. On their return they have been able to renovate the entrance hall of the house which will be turned into a kitchen eventually. They have few building skills but a lot of determination to do the work to help the whole family improve their living conditions particularly for the youngest children (pictured bottom, second right)

FARA’s 2015 Appeal has provided the Nechita family cement, lime and wire mesh to renovate their home. Their home was four rooms of which only one is habitable – where their four children eat, sleep and do their homework in the same room. In order to support his family Mr Nechita must go away to work. Their home was in ruins and without electricity. The family sold a cow in order to get hooked up to a supply. On Mr Nechita’s return from work he was very keen to get on with renovation work and when the materials arrived he, helped by his wife and children had the wire mesh in place ready for walls to be rendered within a couple of hours (pictured bottom right.)

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