02 October 2015
- FARA Shops


The start of a new season and the unpredictable change in British weather is upon us. Transitioning from summer to autumn lends itself to layering up with sometimes an air of indecision – charity shops providing the perfect place to grab a jumper or an un-seasonal dress. It is easy to wear three different trends in one outfit trying to keep up with the speed of the roaring fashion industry and its constant bombardment of the latest must haves and micro trends.

The idea that buying from charity shops is embarrassing has fast become one in distant memory as customers from all ages find themselves walking triumphantly out of their local shop proudly clutching their latest bargain. In fact, now more than ever, high street stores are looking even more unappetising, with their predictable branding and the ‘copycat culture’ within retail that doesn’t leave you with much opportunity to diversify your look.

Designer Caroline Herrera said ‘Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas but what makes it new is the way you put it together.’ You may meticulously craft your attire or unconsciously throw it on – either way it belies who you are. Whether you courageously put together your whole outfit from charity shop buys or just include one second hand accessory to compliment your look, there is an underlying liberating feeling of connecting with your social responsibility and detaching yourself from the consumeristic environment that we often find ourselves engulfed in. Style is the ability to distinctively sort through a maze of things and make a selection dictated, essentially, by how we see ourselves; a reflection of our unique complexity as a human being. It is with style that we pull ourselves away from mundane arbitrary choices and stamp our personal identity on our everyday outfits.

Take that brave step into a FARA shop and fine yourself immersed in characterful clothing that defines the very fabric of you.

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Blog written by - FARA Marketing Team

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