18 November 2015
- FARA Shops

Did Tech Kill the Book or Give it a New Lease of Life?

In recent years, the development in technology influenced the way we look at all sorts of things – including books. Companies such as Amazon have taken the lead in altering our age-old shopping habits, with some even suggesting high street retail and buying in-store is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Amazon have even gone as far as to create and continue to develop the Amazon Kindle; a hub for all your favourite novels in one book-sized digital device.

At first, it was feared that the Kindle would have devastating effects on the traditional book market, with people adamant that the ease of having the book you want in your hand instantly at one click of a button would be too convenient to ignore. However, there is not the same popularity to buy a book at the click the button as there is when buying everything else from weekly groceries to weekend outfits online. The Kindle has not overshadowed the traditional way of reading, with people still much preferring the feel and smell of a newly-bound book than a computerised digital one.

It has become clear that the digital option will never replace the tradition of collecting books and the story behind each one, rather than just the story in the book itself. The smell of a new book can be just as satisfying as the nostalgia that the smell of an old one can create. The way books are beautifully crafted together beats any type of modern technology hands down. Some find it hard to describe the liberating feeling of detachment when nestling their head in between the covers of a hardback for a short while; a feeling of being lost in something that has a meaning and substance. Words, sentences and paragraphs crafted together by the best wordsmiths are not given the justice they deserve when read off a disappearing digital screen; permanent ink and heavy paper emphasise the meaning behind all stories.

Amazon are fully aware of their market and have recently opened their first book store in Seattle, US. This shows even they can no longer overlook the undying demand for the physical experience of buying a book. Chemists have even worked out the distinctive scent of books helping to explain why some people just love the smell of old book shops.

Books are an investment for the future, they give homes character and gain both sentimental and financial value over time. FARA book week is from Thursday 19th November until Sunday 29th November and we are offering 3 books for the price of 2 across our shops to encourage you to stay inspired over the winter months.

Blog written by - Charlie Munro

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