26 December 2015
- FARA Shops

The Gift of Giving

Is it so hard to believe that four out of ten people fake joy at receiving unwanted Christmas presents? According to a poll carried out by lastminute.com this level of insincerity is rife in the festive season. We have all done it - that special 'no honestly, I love it' smile following the annual awkward moment you open Aunt Aida's present of yet another pair of novelty socks and toiletries that even the naffest of B&B's would think twice about putting out for guests!

On average, in Britain, we receive eight Christmas present and hate two of them making over one million unwanted gifts in homes post Christmas.* Top of this year’s list of unwanted presents** for many is a selfie stick, Insanity Workout DVD and any Minions toys. So if you are ' lucky' enough to receive any of these - don't let them fester in a cupboard or linger, cluttering up the house - ease your ungrateful guilt by donating them to your nearest FARA shop. Let's face it charity shops simply couldn't survive without the flotsam and jetsam of our 'gimme' consumerist society landing at our doorsteps.
Bring it on... We'll love the gifts you hate and be truly grateful for any donations we receive. More importantly by the act of re-giving your presents you help FARA provide a family for those without - the best gift you could give at Christmas.
* From a survey of 2000 people in 2014 by lastminute.com
** From recent research by The British Heart Foundation quoted in the article ‘Revealed: the most unwanted Christmas presents of 2015’ by The Kent and Sussex Courier, 22 December 2015

Blog written by - FARA Marketing Team

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