04 January 2016
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Once the tin of Quality Street is down to the last few orange creams and strawberry fondants centres you know that the indulgences of Christmas are drawing to a close. A mince pie here and there and before you know it your favourite jeans are feeling tighter than is comfortable. The inevitability of dieting in the New Year gets ever closer.

In a poll taken last year* out of the 2878 people asked whether they made any New Year’s Resolutions only 24.6% said they did. If you are one of this resolute few then there is a high likelihood that losing weight will be one of your goals.. Along with getting fitter and healthier, losing weight and drinking less alcohol were top of the resolution list.**

Dieting plays havoc with your wardrobe. - deciding what to keep either when you have put on weight or are losing it is a battle - do you buy new clothes to suit your changing body shape? Charity shops can be a get way to help you resolve all these dilemmas. Donate what doesn’t fit and buy something that does!

According to a survey by Slimfast*** the average woman has 14 items of clothing hanging in her closet that no longer fit. Almost half of women can't bring themselves to throw away clothes that are too small for them, according to a wardrobe survey of 1,000 women for George at Asda.****

“Asked why they keep hold of neglected items, 42 per cent admit keeping clothing that is too small because they hope they will 'lose weight' and be able to wear it one day.

One in six women will even buy new clothes as a 'reward' for reaching a weight loss goal, while 40 per cent can't bear to throw away clothing with 'sentimental' value.”

Further more

“One in 10 women confess that they 'can't remember' most of what's in their wardrobe, with one in five feeling 'guilty' about how many clothes and shoes they own.”

As rule of thumb it you can’t remember wearing it may be it is time to have a clear out and appease the sense of guilt by donating some of your stuff to your local FARA shop. It is never too early to start Spring cleaning. Screw dieting, we’re all perfect anyway!

*Poll taken by Kantar's Lightspeed GMI
**A poll of almost 1,700 adults in the UK by Angels Den.
2015 New Year’s Resolution
1. Get fitter and healthier (63 per cent)
2. Drink less alcohol (57 per cent)
3. Lose weight (34 per cent)
4. Get out of debt (26 per cent)
5. Stop smoking (22 per cent)
6. Find a new job/change career (18 per cent)
7. Spend more time with friends/family (14 per cent)
8. Start my own business (11 per cent)
9. Travel more (9 per cent)
10. Find love (7 per cent)
*** http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/skinny-clothes
**** http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3233241/Half-women-t-throw-away-clothes-don-t-fit-hope-lose-weight-wear-items-again.html

Blog written by - FARA Marketing Team

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