15 January 2016
- FARA Shops


Men have always had a reluctance to shop at charity shops and wearing second hand clothes can feel like a massive secret that they bear cautiously on their shoulders. This strong feeling of deception can break the strongest of men, when questioned by the most vigilant of peers; ‘that’s a nice jacket mate, where’s it from?’ This often leads to more interrogation – ‘how much?’ quoting too little will blow your cover, overdoing it will leave your interrogator suspicious and leave you susceptible to another barrage of questions.

Lies will catch up with you eventually so you might as well just blow your own cover and come clean. The liberating honesty will probably spark a good topic of debate about the great quality clothes that can be found at charity shops in comparison to poor quality ones found at most retail stores - items that are 100% cotton, wool and cashmere can be found in abundance and for half the price of mass produced polyester clothes that fill the rails of the high street today.

The idea that charity shops in London only cater for hipsters is a misconception; there are many classic pieces that have no expiry date through trends nor seasons. Admittedly, finding a gem in mint condition that fits you perfectly can prove difficult but with a good dry clean and a slight alteration your new garment will feel as good as new.

Notoriously, men have a habit of wearing their clothes until they are completely worn which is why men’s selection in charity and vintage shops is sometimes limited compared to the women’s selection. High quality menswear is most certainly available for men in charity shops, it’s just that you’re made to look a little bit harder to find it.

There has been slight culture shift in recent years, with more and more men responsibly donating their unwanted to clothes to charity and increasingly more men have become open to the idea of buying from charity shops.

A continued growth in men engaging with the charity shop scene will mean more benefits for great causes such as FARA, the environment, the charity-shop goer’s outfit and their wallet! Currently, FARA have a great range of menswear in all of our clothes shops and for those with a vintage bent RETROMANIA London, Victoria is our go to shop.

We still however intend to build on our menswear selection in all of our clothing shops so if you have men’s clothes to donate, please do not hesitate to bring them to any FARA shop and check out what’s on offer whilst you’re in there too!
FARA MEN – we need to see more of you.

Blog written by - Charlie Munro

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