08 April 2016
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FARA MEN Trend Guide S/S16

Men are often left slightly alienated by the weird and outlandish clothes showcased on runways. However, some inspiration can be taken from the SS16 trends, even for the most conservative of dress senses.

Green was a continuous trend across the SS16 shows; It was all the rage on the runway with bottle green, tropical green and the brighter tones all making an appearance. So if you’re not partial to a bogey green bomber jacket, a bottle green shirt is a sure way to stay on trend and stylish. Its military origins have helped the colour maintain its popularity over time.

Pockets! The practicality of them offers so much for the man without a bag and, conveniently, this Spring/Summer they are in trend too! Large squared pockets were presented by designers in abundance giving men plenty of places to store and carry around their manly essentials. Of course for the gentleman with many manly essentials to carry, pockets and bags are not mutually exclusive - .but we'll come back to that later.

The expression ‘Demob Happy’ means to be stress-free and relaxed. It originates from the happiness after the end of the War after the demobilisation of armed forces. The functional and utilitarian tailoring that was prevalent just after the Second World War was on trend in SS16 shows; the outfits further demonstrated the trend of big practical pockets too.

Ankle cropped as well as baggy bottoms were showcased in all trouser wear including jeans, chinos, smart casual trousers and cords. There was continuity of ankle cropped trousers rather than slim fit through the formal wear too. We’re not saying neglect your slim fit jeans but make sure you give a slightly loser cut pair a go too.

Designers this season have also taken to incorporating a sporty look into their casual wear. The Sportswear Dandy trend has shown it’s cool to include sporty clothes in your outfit but in a more dapper and fashionable way. A lot of the big designers such as Armani and D&G had a noticeable sportswear influence at the SS16 shows. Sporty shorts and tracksuits were balanced out with, oversized shirts, floral prints and silk accessories.

‘Texture’ was a primary theme in the SS16 shows and can be perceived in various ways in order to fit your look. All types of textured material from the always popular suede pieces to horizontal-cut corduroy; the focus was wholly on the feel of the fabrics. More specifically, suede jacket are bang on trend for SS16. Make sure you wear your suede jackets loud & proud and for all to see.

Tote Bags were probably the most unassuming accessory in SS16. These bags were included in menswear catwalks by the likes of Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and John Varvatos. If you’re not big on designer labels, or they’re simply out of your price range, then FARA have just the solution for you. You might be thinking that tote bags are too girly or feminine but the origin of the tote bag is quite the polar opposite. They were originally designed by LL Bean in 1944 when the first Bean’s Ice Carrier was made. It was a bulky bag made of reinforced cotton for transporting substantial blocks of ice. The task of carry one of these weighty tote bags is manly no matter what way you look at it.

FARA’s new limited edition tote bag has been designed and handmade by women at a London-based prison who received fashion training and manufacture skills from London College of Fashion, UAL and the Ministry of Justice. The women made the selection of tote bags from materials donated to FARA so they are 100% recycled. Only a limited number have been made and can be bought exclusively from FARA’s online shop: http://ebay.eu/26f51a3 All funds raised from the sale of the bags will go specifically to FARA's outreach scheme to help disadvantaged young women develop parenting and life skills.

Blog written by - Charlie Munro

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