15 June 2016
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London Collection: Men

London Collections: Men is a biannual event showcasing the creative and commercial importance of the British menswear industry. LCM SS17 started on Thursday 9th June and ran through the weekend until Monday. LCM first began in 2012 off the back of London Fashion Week, sparked by the debate that men’s fashion was still in the shadow of women’s fashion. In recent years, renowned designers have collaborated their womenswear and menswear into the same show. Critics say this is an example of Women’s fashions attempt to drag menswear up to the same level; whereas many industry leaders believe these collaborations demonstrate that menswear is considered as just as important and exemplifies how the contrasting gender collections can complement each other. The latter argument is also backed by the fact LCM has progressed from a one day event to a four day event since 2012.

However, that’s not to say menswear has only just sprung to life in London, some of the most iconic men’s trends began in the big smoke. Tailored suits were born out of Savile Row in the late 18th century, bowler hats rose to the top in 1849 and brogues have walked the streets since the 1700s. Many world-renowned brands such as Burberry and Paul Smith are great examples of how Men’s Fashion has grown and thrived in the capital. “Across the world it [London] is known for its innovative retailing and hybrid sense of style; a vivid expression of its rich fashion heritage” as described by Keren Protheroe in the writer’s London: Home of Menswear journal.

These menswear successes offer great encouragement to exciting up & coming designers who can use trends such as the success of Floral in the 60s, Punk in the 70s and the New Romantic Movement in the 80s as inspiration for their creative innovations in the future. This history and heritage inspired trends such as floral prints, the neckerchief and baggy trousers to be the highlights of LCM SS16.

At FARA we have used clothes donated to our shops to reinvent trends from LCM SS16 that can be worn now and through the summer. We’ve also created outfits from the most recent SS17 collections to show how you can use clothes from FARA to work the look as the models for a fraction of the price. Look at out FARA Men SS17 look book on Facebook here http://bit.ly/1UWIaXG

Blog written by - Charlie Munro

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