22 July 2016
- Amazing Donations


Are you a comic book fan? Do you enjoy reading and collecting these fantastic graphical novels? Recently we received an amazing donation of comic books ranging from old to new from popular well known titles like Image, Avatar, Vertigo and many more. Each issue is being sold at a retail price of 80 pence, What a bargain!

Comic books were first popularised in the 1930’s and have become a huge collectable commodity. Vintage and signed editions as well as first editions make great collectable items as most are rare and higher in value. A few weeks ago we successfully sold an Eisner award winning copy of 1988’s Batman, The Killing Joke which happened to be a one of the first ever printed editions.

So once again we have our hands on some exclusive signed copies which is now available on FARA’s online shop.


These signed copies are exclusive first editions, in mint condition and all ready to add to your collection. We have four boxes of comics left at FARA Books in Teddington, so come on down and grab a few today.


Blog written by - Marcia Evans - FARA Marketing Team

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