01 August 2016
- FARA Shops

The Fairies of Primrose Hill

Legend says that once upon a time fairies used to live inside the Primroses on Primrose Hill. From there they sprinkled fairy dust on children passing by making their wishes come true.

Believe in fairies or not, you can you still find a place in the heart of Primrose Hill where your wishes can come true!

It is a little shop with a special sign to make you smile. Not far from the park, where you can rest your tired feet from a stroll whilst looking for amazing little treasure.

There you can find that designer dress perfect for your little girl. Or maybe a fancy jacket for your not so little rascal. If it's your lucky day you could find some toys that really resemble the ones you used to play with when you were little. Or just the latest super cool that your children were looking for.

In this shop you will fall in love with a good selection of clothes, toys, books and everything to help take care of your precious little ones.

While they play in the shop you can look for something unique and be helped by the friendly staff or have a chat with the other parents around. The store is the perfect place to shop while you are waiting for your friends or if you are on your way back from the playground. Or if you need an emergency pair of pants.

If you are looking for a nice present, the team will help you find something brand new or the special treasure that was waiting for you after a lifetime of adventures with its previous owner.

It's rare to leave the shop without a smile because of your new find or just because your kids have found a new toy to make adventures with.

At 6 o'clock the shop goes to sleep and the fairies come out and start their busy work to fill up the shop with more goodies for the very next day.


Blog written by - Mila Albani - Shop Manager at FARA Kids Primrose Hill

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